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What all our antennas share in common:

  • All our “Lightning Antennas” are true quads beams which feature 6061 T6 seamless aircraft grade aluminum boom and sleeving, strong fiberglass spreaders and 13 gauge enamel coated copper element wire.
  • We ship them in kit form with clear instructions for quick assembly.
  • We do not expect customers to measure and cut the various element lengths, instead all element wires in our antennas are already prestretched, pre-cut and color coded for accurate identification and quick and easy setup.
  • Standard CB (11 meter) or 10 meter ham wire sets are available.
  • They are all Fedex or UPS shippable and this is true even for our top of the line 42 foot long “L8 Quad”.


“Lightning Antennas” Comparison Chart

(*) Recommended use of  Thrust Bearing.