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Quads Testimonials


Hi George, My name is Steven I have been trying to locate these antennas for while, I used to have two 4 element wight lighting quads stacked on a 40″ tower. these are by far one of the best designed antenna ever made. We had a great time on 11 meters back in the early 80′s when the band was wide open, if I could hear them I could talk to them, on 12 watts ssb. I am real excited to find your web site. Hope to save up and get one. I would like to use it on 10 meters now that am a ham operator. 73′s

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Hello George, Thanks heaps antenna’s arrived safe n sound yesterday 28th Much appreciated on the parts invoice

Will send another picture when mines is in the air, before Christmas must do tower mods first

Thanks again from Michael Adelaide South Australia


Hi George it’s Louis from NY I purchased a 2 element quad from you in February and I love it.  Its a great dxing antenna and just as well locally.  It was easy to build and adjust SWR on it. It is tight and the sides are a little open which I like for local talking, I have recommend it to every one and the customer service is great too when ordering it. thanks for making such a great product! I am sending a pic of it on top of my 50 foot tower, have a great day. Louis 776 new york

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Hi George,
Loving the 4+!! What is the cost of the other two elements to make it a Lightning 6? Thanks
On Vertical side the lowest SWR is 1.20 on 27.345
Horizontal, SWR 1.18 on 27.545
I was running out of time the evening I erected the tower and did not do any tuning. I plan to lower the tower soon to optimize it. I also use a tuner to use the quad on 10meter, 12, 15 and 20. Works well.
I have 300 foot of 7/8″ hardline run to a switch box at 55 foot on the tower, then LMR400 run to the quad. The boom is exactly 70 foot. I work the world with 200 watts!! Talk ground wave out to 120 miles with the same 200 watts. Richard

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Hi george i took down my jo gunn star killer 8 for a L4 quad 1 s unit
better rx & tx . And very easy to put together thanks game warden in



Just wanted to drop you a line and let ya know I got my L4 up in the air, and man can this thing talk!

Very well built, and easy to follow instructions…Just wish everything went together as easy as this did!
By the way, Sunday after I got the tower back up in the air we had a major ice storm blow in… Temps went from 81° on Saturday to 21° on Sunday with freezing rain and sleet… The L4 handled the ice and wind just fine…Here’s a pic taken Sunday 3-3-14 after we got over a inch of freezing rain and sleet, and it didn’t even phase the L4…although the mast did freeze to the tower and wouldn’t move.

Jesse James 854 in Dallas TX.









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October 2014

I am  a handicap vet, for ten (10) years i enjoy Lightning  4+ Quad’. 40% great rejection. great receive   right now I am down waiting on Part

here some pictures
Thank You
Horace H, Richmond Virginia








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July 2015

Lightning4+ Antenna on by
Albert L Johnson Sr in thy Bayou of Louisiana.
This antenna is the Best antenna  I ever owned. Easy to put together an easy to set my SWR on.
I will recommend this antenna to anybody. The Improvement with the strong insulators was great.
                        Tanqueray 591 BYU
                       Albert  L Johnson Sr



August 2015

Morning George, you asked me to send you a photo of Quad 2 after we got it up the SWR is 1.2 Thks for your help !!..

George B

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December 2015

Rick’s L8 Quad in Tennessee.