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NEWS for February 2022


We have kept our prices for as long as we could and now, at the dawn of 2022 it is time for them to reflect the impact that major increments in material costs are having on our production.

We realize the change in price for some models is significant (i.e. our four elements: the popular and noble "L4+ Quad" model"). The increment for that model in particular leaves a big price gap between our two elements and our four elements. To fill that gap, we have decided to resuscitate the legendary four elements true Quad "White Lightning" model.







The "White Lightning" predates the L4+ model design and had to be discontinued to give room to the idea of offering our customers with a line of up-gradable Quads.

(An idea that many of you have welcomed over the years by been able to transform their four elements L4+ Quad into a L6 Quad, or into a L8 Quad or even into a giant L10 Quad)

At that moment, it seemed unnecessary and redundant to carry two similar 4 elements Antennas.

The "WHITE LIGHTNING" four elements, true Quad antenna, offers very similar electrical characteristics to its sibling the L4+ Quad but it is not up-gradable, so if you think you will not, or could not go for a larger Quad in the future this should be your beam.

It is shorter (14' 10") and slightly lighter than the L4+, and it is built with the same dedication, quality materials and experienced craftsmanship as all our other antenna models are.
We stretched ourselves to make this Quad model this affordable, and we did just that in the hope to reach those operators desiring the best beam antenna design (the true Quad) at a very reasonable price.

We are going to start shipping "White Lightning" models by February 11th.
You can order yours now at the introductory price of $483.00 plus shipping.

Contact us by email or leave us a phone message at (408) 625 7717.
Thank You


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