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The Home of the
10 M QUADs

This site is dedicated to providing information about the different types of antennas we manufacture for the Citizen Band Radio and 11 Meter DXing. At Lightning Antennas, we have over fifteen years of experience in the craft of manufacturing and worldwide distribution of the most advanced CB Quads on the market. Our goal is to provide the most technically correct information possible about our antenna performance. Our products are 100% manufactured in California, USA using US materials, technically sound procedures and dedicated craftsmanship. We are proud of our consistent manufacturing quality of antenna designs that has been proven technologically superior throughout many decades.

“Lightning Antennas” was created in 2010 by the former lead manufacturing engineer at Signal Engineering, a Californian manufacturer of Quad Antennas for the Citizen Band for more than 15 years. SE discontinued manufacturing antennas in 2009 and those 15 years of expertise are now being capitalized by “Lightning Antennas” which is poised to pair a proven successful technology, the Quad Antenna design, with a recognized, well-designed line of products that has been in use for several decades.

What’s Changed:

  • We have streamlined our product line according to our experience and customer’s needs over the years;  resulting in better production efficiency and reduction in cost for our customer. 

  • Improvements that have been made range from utilizing better materials, improved manufacturing processes, more concise literature, packaging, etc.

  • With these improvements we are confident we offer the most advanced and mature line of CB antennas in the market!

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