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Two-Element “True Quad” H/V Switchable
Base Station Antenna - Non Up-gradable model


only $329.00

The L2 Quad is a high gain base station on a rugged,
lightweight mechanical structure at an affordable price
Non Up-gradable model 

(*) 2 Required. One  for Vertical polarization and the other for Horizontal polarization

L2 Quad Mechanical.png

The “L2″, our entry level Quad, features two heavy copper wire elements that are precisely spaced and mounted on a rugged aluminum and fiberglass frame, forming a high-gain parasitic antenna.

Use it as Base-to-Mobile

Switch to Vertical Polarization and enjoy a tremendous improvement  by increasing signal strength and eliminating much interference. Far superior to an omni base antenna, it extends your power range up to 10 times transmit and receive!

Use it as Base-to-Base

All of the base-to-mobile advantages described above plus the ability to switch to horizontal (flat side) polarization to further minimize interference from local stations.  You can pull out distant or weak stations that cannot be heard on other antennas.

Outstanding Features

Super Directivity – Makes it possible to copy a desired station on a crowded channel by rejecting signals from other direction as much as 1000 times!

Gain – Boost the station you are listening to by more than 10x power multiplication, and boost your signal by the same amount when you transmit.

Lightweight – Means the antenna can be rotated by a small TV rotor and make it easier to install.

Dual Switchable Polarization – All our Quad’s features exclusive “SFS” (Signal Feed System, patented) matching system gives maximum directional performance and dual polarity to allow switching between Horizontal and Vertical polarization from the operating position with up to 30 db separation.

Low Noise – Full loop quad elements significantly reduce rain static!

High Power Capability – Our SFS Feed System provides low SWR easily adjusted at the boom to mast plate and an 8,000 watt power rating.

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